About Kilaya Ciriello

About Kilaya Ciriello

Kilaya attributes his success to a torturous illness. In 1999 he contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and it re-aquainted him with mystery. Everything about CFS is mysterious. Doctor’s only scratch their heads and make guesses about what causes it. Kilaya sees it in hindsight as a wake up call. It brought him to a full stop. He had to go back to the drawing board and re-figure out his life.

A serious illness makes you reconsider life and forces you to review your values. “What are you fighting for?” it asks. “Is this cause yours or someone else’s?” After three years of being hit over the head with these types of questions by CFS he finally budged and decided to do something different, something closer to his heart. He dropped his life like a hot rock and started over with empty hands.

Fifteen years later he looks back on every second since then and sees God’s hand. He feels guided now, aware of what’s really important to him and trying everyday to bring his life closer to those heart-centered values.

His gratitude to his guru and guiding light, Amma, is impossible to express fully in a million billion blogs. [www.amma.org] He only hopes he can give back to others a speck of what he has been given.

He still doesn’t have a home anywhere but for now, his guru tolerates his presence at her ashram in Kerala, India and so do his parents in Southampton, New York. But who needs a home when you have God in your heart?

  1. Hello Kilaya!!!It is interesting to see you with hair!!! Still in Cottonwood, Az. Went and came back by the Verde river. I feel strong here. Little casita, simple way of life.. We are creating a waterwheel here on the flood plain, I connected with beautiful, humble and very knowledgeable people and we honor sacred geometry together . It is beautiful to see the people awakening from the dream…in an exponentially amazing number!!!!Blessings my far away brother!


    • Thank you dear Hummingbird! I am so happy to hear that you are singing from a solid and high-perched nest. Let’s together keep praying and chanting for a bright future and a healthy humanity.


  2. I also have a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was a wake up call for me too… primarily a wake up call to SLOW DOWN. The disease gave me no choice but to do that. Over time, I concluded that for me it was a sign of spiritual despair. It lifted significantly after I met Amma and reconnected with my spirituality.


  3. Thanks! I love talking about my experience with the Gerson Therapy. Anyone even remotely curious should feel free to contact me here.


  4. O the unfathomable wisdom of our Father! My brother, just to see your picture, lifts up my spirit! Father is good to place you in my path. 🙂
    BTW I am familiar with the Gerson therapy, though that I do not suffer from any illness and Father and my former doctors have declared me to be in perfect health, I am hoping to somehow submit to the therapy for preventive health. Here in Jordan I am limited for lack of organic sources. Perhaps in the spring I’ll go back to the States for a time and I am hoping then to do something about it. Later! 🙂

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  5. Kilaya,
    I couldn’t agree more that when faced with a serious illness we reexamine life’s priorities. I have a complicated autoimmune disease.I understand how difficult that journey can be, but it sounds as if you are managing well. God bless you. Thank you for stopping by the Cow Pasture Chronicles and welcome to the fence jumpers.


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