“Only when you are nothing do you become everything” –Don Juan

“Warriors prepare themselves to be aware, and full awareness comes to them only when there is no more self-importance left in them. Only when they are nothing do they become everything.”

From The Fire Within by Carlos Castaneda, pg.134


Something similar to this has been said in many different spiritual traditions by many different spiritual masters. I especially love, however, how Don Juan explains the emptying out process that must happen to spiritual seekers as an eradication of “self-importance.” As Don Juan explains, it is our self-importance that makes us heavy and sluggish in life and takes away the possibility for enjoyment in moment after moment. Instead of laughing, we get angry or we pout when we feel we have been insulted, all because we feel that we are so important that everyone SHOULD respect us at all times. How dull!  How boring! We must, instead, become empty cups so that we can be filled with a new light, a new love, a Divine Love and to become empty is to become humble, to be able to laugh at ourselves.



“Self-importance is the motivating force for every attack of melancholy. Warriors are entitled to profound states of sadness but that sadness is there only to make them laugh.”

From The Fire Within by Carlos Castaneda, pg.134


For an emptied-out spiritual warrior even sadness is no longer a problem. Sadness, even profound sadness, is taken in stride because without a sense of self-importance even sadness can be an opportunity to laugh. How can sadness be funny? Sadness is funny, Don Juan explains, because the spiritual warrior knows that it is only the residue of the ridiculous sense of self-importance that is sad. Who we truly are, free from self-importance, is never sad because it has become everything after realizing that it is truly nothing.




About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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