Welcome to the desert of the real.

“You’ve been Living in a dream world, Neo.
to the desert
of the real.

What is the Matrix. . . ?


The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into an ordinary battery.”

Morpheus speaking to Neo within the movie “The Matrix.”

Science fiction, right? A conspiracy theory, for sure. We’ve heard all this before: one small group is controlling and dominating a larger group using indoctrination and manipulated systems of education. Not possible, right? Or is it worth considering.

There may not be an unseen group of people or machines that are feeding off of us as a species but is this model familiar to us on another level? Are we, as humans, similarly feeding off another species in a highly controlled and manipulative manner? The industry of providing food for humans in the form of animal husbandry is just that, no? A large scale system in which one species is bred within controlled conditions in order to be the food of another. Is there a similarity between what the machines are doing to humans within the movie, The Matrix, and what humans are doing to animals on planet Earth?

What supports the animal farming industry? Ignorance, largely. The public, who eat the meat of caged and drugged animals, do not see how their food is prepared. What percentage of humans would stop eating most meats if they experienced first hand how that meat was created? I would guess a high percentage only because I believe that human beings are inherently sensitive, caring creatures who don’t like to see anything suffer unnecessarily. But what they don’t know, doesn’t affect them. Could this type of hidden truth be The Matrix of our world? In other words, just as the machines of the movie The Matrix don’t let people know about the background to their lives because they wouldn’t be willing to participate in it if they did, aren’t the industrial forces of meat production keeping humans in the dark about the background story to their products because people wouldn’t buy it if they knew?

In this way, the idea that The Matrix introduces, that our world is not “real” in the way that we think it is, is relevant and worth considering. Not so much science fiction when we look at it in this light.

What if we apply the idea of The Matrix to other areas of industry? If people experienced or witnessed how the objects in China are made would they buy things “Made in China” with such enthusiasm? Probably not. If the American public could see or experience the lack of free speech within China and the violent governmental suppression of any criticism of itself that happens routinely there would they be so enthusiastic about sending it all their hard earned money? A few of them might even think twice about buying that bag of 1000 disposable plastic dishes, all made in china, for their next dinner party and look to use something else instead. They might actively seek out substitutes that are made somewhere closer in values to what the U.S. stands for.



About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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