Quantum physics describes the nature of Maya or delusion.

Matter and energy are intrinsic parts of space.
A particle of matter is really a knotted up piece of space.
pg. 215

from The Bit and The Pendulum by Tom Siegfried

As a meditator I love the mathematical proofs that are being elicited in modern quantum physics. Meditation is an endeavor based on the value of consciousness over the material. It is an action that seeks to purify and perfect one’s perspective on life to maximize inner peace, stability and good will with the ultimate intention of then sharing that with others. It would seem that an activity like meditation would be difficult to justify in today’s fast paced, immediate-results oriented world and much more so within scientific circles. Let’s face it, science seems to be focused mainly on adding technology to increase the speed and efficiency of interactions with the goal of maximizing profits. So science would be a unlikely place to find support for meditation.

Times, however, are a-changing. Physicists are starting to make discoveries that take them out of their league of pure physicality. Physics are starting to run smack into the truth of the supremacy of consciousness; the fact that consciousness is the most important factor in bringing about the results of any given action, not the technological gadgets that you may be carrying.

“Matter and energy are intrinsic parts of space.”

What? Did I hear that right? The specifics of the matter and the energy contained in any given area are already written into the nature of the space itself? Space contains the blueprint or “code” for whatever it contains, whether it is there or not?

It doesn’t matter whether this makes any sense to you or not. It doesn’t make any sense to the scientists who are mathematically discovering these types of things. We can summarize it by saying “Reality isn’t as simple as we have assumed it is and it is not valid to break up what we observe into individual isolated elements.” Therefore, scientists used to feel comfortable studying a rock and saying that “this rock has these features . . . .” Quantum physics is telling us that they can’t do that anymore. There is no such thing as this rock outside of its context of space and time. Period. The idea of fixed individual components of life has been trashed. Everything is interconnected on even the simplest level of space and time.

Of course, as spiritualists, we can see the handwriting on their (the physicists’) wall: there is nothing but information, there is nothing but observation, there is nothing but the story that is observed in any given space and time by a specific viewer from a specific viewpoint. You can’t isolate the object viewed nor can you isolate the viewer. It is individually EMPTY and only valid as a WHOLE. This is spirituality: the recognition of the truth, the primacy, of the Whole and the insignificance of the individual parts (outside of their recognition and praise of the whole.) Perspective is the only thing being perfected and its perfection rests in the recognition of UNITY and seeing through the illusion of SEPARATION.

A particle of matter is really a knotted up piece of space.

That is some cool imagery. What Siegfried is saying is that matter is the result of geometry. When you draw a circle or a square have you created a solid object? No, a circle or a square is an IDEA about space: it is a folded “piece of space.” What do you get when you “knot” up space? You get an IDEA of an object! Nothing is there, it is just taking something that is empty in and of itself and positioning it in such a way that something is perceived. This quote from the world of quantum physics is paving the way for the realization that “matter” is just a matter of the mind. Matter is just a “posing.” As in, to strike a pose.

When you strike a pose you look different, but are you different? No, you haven’t changed but you have created the appearance of change by contorting yourself. Similarly, empty space strikes a certain pose and viola, there is a quark. It poses in a different way and viola, there is a lepton, or some other tiny particle of matter. Space knots up and creates the appearance of an object which then can spin or move, in order to interact with other areas of knotted up space.

This supports what the great spiritual teachings tell us. Maya is the idea that what we think of as real is not, really. We are fooled into taking as real what is not and then we suffer trying to control and rearrange what is not really there. Be a zero and become a zero, the great spiritual teacher Amma, says. Isn’t this a call to recognize the emptiness of space, the insubstantiality of what we call “reality.”

To be a zero is to let go of our interest in how and where bits of knotted up space move. To be a zero is to look into what is truly primary: consciousness, awareness. Awareness of the only reality: UNITY. Recognition that only the WHOLE is significant; that matter, energy and space don’t exist independent of each other. As individuals we are unimportant except in our ability to honor and work for the WHOLE of society.


About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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