The wave vs. particle debate in physics MIRRORS the material vs. spirit debate within religion.

“Niels Bohr ultimately solved the wave-particle mystery with his principle of complementarity
(an electron can be either a particle or a wave, depending on how you look at it).” 204

The Bit and The Pendulum by Tom Siegfried

Philosophers and religious scholars have gone back and forth on the issue of soul vs. the body since historical records began. “How can I be both a soul and a body at the same time?” Did I exist before my birth? Will I exist after my death? What is the true nature of reality? Is it simply a question of matter or is there something ephemeral that inhabits matter? Does all of matter have a soul or “spirit?” Do all souls have a body?

These types of questions are familiar to most of us in some way. Of course, we each have our own individual answers to these questions but society as a whole has its own answers, too. How society answers these questions determines how we treat the earth and even how we treat each other. The particular form of society that we live in today (as individual countries/cultures and as a global community) is largely determined by how our leaders (the so-called “experts”) have answered these questions for us.

For most of the history of modern western society these questions have been answered from a heavily materialistic perspective; that is, science as we have known it and as we have been taught it has focused on the importance of matter and minimized the relevance of anything transcendent like the soul or spirit. As a result we have a global society that is based on individual competition and struggle for supremacy represented by the rules of the marketplace. Corporations represent different groups of individuals trying to grab more and more shares of the earth’s resources at the expense of other groups. This is considered right and fair today because of how the so-called leaders of our society have answered these body vs. soul questions. For that last two hundred years they have more and more discounted the “soul” in favor of the body.

These leaders, who we have called scientists, have received the highest awards that our society offers and are much closer advisers to policy makers than their religious counterparts. In fact, in many states around the world there is an enforced exclusion, within policy making, of any experts who answer these questions more on the side of the “soul” over the body. These experts are labeled as “religious” and are excluded using the excuse of being impartial to the different faiths. Instead of separation of church and state why couldn’t there be a democratic representation of all religions present in the country when social policy is made? That never was even suggested because most citizens of the US, at least, side with the “scientists” on how they answer the “soul” vs. body debate. The body is who we primarily consider ourselves to be. Our daily actions and life decisions are made from that perspective.

Today we have a new influx of knowledge within science that has the power to change the answers that our leaders are giving. Today, the latest experiments within quantum physics are proving that favoring the “body” over the “soul” is not factually accurate. Math is telling us otherwise.

The above listed quote demonstrates this in one of many ways that it is currently happening. The debate within science about whether light is a particle or a wave mirrors the debate over whether we are essentially bodies or souls. Within science as well as within religion this is a mystery. Religion was able to accept this mystery while science could not and insisted that light must be either a particle or a wave but not both.

Neils Bohr showed, however, that, paradoxically, light is either a wave or a particle (or both or neither) DEPENDING on how you looked at it. And that is also the correct answer for the debate between whether we are bodies or souls. Quantum physics is arriving at conclusions that are supporting the transcendental essence of life by respecting the power that perspective has on reality. What better summarizes a spiritual outlook on life than emphasizing the power of perspective?

The spiritual point of view differs from the material primarily by emphasizing that one’s attitude, one’s perspective, on things is more important than what happens materially or physically. For a spiritual person it is more important that we have the right attitude than that events work out in a way that is most comfortable or desirable for us. For a material person, one’s attitude is completely irrelevant as long as the desired results are achieved.

The material perspective has dominated our society and its decision making for many years now and it’s influence seems to increase and solidify with each passing year. But now that influence is in contradiction to the facts that are being uncovered by its own experts. Now, the people that have been held up to such high esteem by society (the scientific innovators) are uncovering information that are showing the shortsightedness of our past decisions as a society. Science itself, math itself, is beginning to not only support but also to emphasize the importance of the soul. For if light can be both a wave and a particle depending on how you observe it then all of matter could be considered simply immaterial energy from a certain perspective. And all matter could be considered as solid as matter similarly. It all depends on perspective, attitude, point of view; the mind.

Ultimately this type of scientific evidence will lead back to the absolute primacy of the mind, will place the highest importance where it should be: on achieving a state of mental tranquility and love, knowing that only with that type of mind can things be seen for what they truly are. Only from the most refined perspective can we see and verify the existence of the soul and let go of our emphasis on our bodies which only cause strife and suffering.


About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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