Quantum Physicists have shown how God is omnipresent.

[Stephen Hawking] has written papers suggesting that rather than tiny worm-holes,
tiny black holes pop into existence throughout space at the scale of the planck length.
These black holes are like miniscule bubbles
that appear in pairs and then disappear. . . .
eventually he realized that the math works if the black holes appear in pairs.

The Bit and The Pendulum by Tom Siegfried, pg. 219

After studying the findings of quantum physicists like Stephen Hawking I realized that they were describing the world of subatomic particles in surprising ways. The picture that modern quantum physics is painting of the world on its tiniest of scales is a world unlike the one we observe commonly. The way that things interact there, the way in which results follow actions, contradicts the way that we assume things happen on our “human” scale. On our scale we worship the law of continuity, of “existence;” that is, we hold fast to the notion that when we watch a tennis ball fly across the court during a US Open tennis match we are watching a singular object move across a fixed field of space. We assume the ball has a fixed “existence” and that the space is the fixed field upon which its movement happens.

Quantum physics is starting to tell us that we are very wrong in our assumptions about what is happening during such ordinary (or not-so-ordinary events (respecting tennis fans)). To put it bluntly, physics is saying that the impression of our senses is fooling us. We are assuming things that are not true.

Despite the evidence that they are uncovering, many physicists today may not agree with this. They are not so quick to apply the observed behavior of subatomic particles to the physics of everyday life. They are trying to keep a wall between the two saying that what is true of quantum physics doesn’t necessarily apply to life on our scale. As a spiritual seeker and an astrologer I know that their attempts to keep their discoveries from affecting the way we see everyday life are artificial and will not hold out over time. I know that because, as an astrologer, I take my cues from one of the oldest recorded teachings in existence: the ancient Egyptian Emerald tablet on which the ancient wise man, Hermes Trimestegus, inscribed “As Above So it is Below.” This is the backbone of astrology, a teaching that astrology proves in its own way (through experiential results not mental equations).

Astrology tells me that what the quantum physicists are discovering is definitely relevant to everyday life even if only symbolically. Astrology tells me that the primary importance of such discoveries is how they can help us to alter our behaviors and perspectives and bring them into greater alignment with the Tao, the natural harmony of things. The motivation to come into alignment with the Tao is, of course, different from the motivation of most conventional science: the first desires harmony and sustainable balance amongst all forms of life on Earth and the second wants personal power to control and manipulate the natural forces and forms in order to increase comforts.

“tiny black holes pop into existence

What is so revolutionary about Hawking making this statement? What is so important about the existence of black holes on the quantum level? It is a very radical statement because it implies that black holes are present everywhere, if only for incredibly short time spans. The radical thing about that comes from the nature of black holes. A “singularity,” as a black hole is called, is a zone that is beyond all the known rules of existence. What is inside a black hole cannot be described as “existing” in the sense we are familiar with. Space and time don’t exist in the way we know them to be inside a black hole. A singularity is truly a zone where the Infinite reigns: nothing short of the Absolute exists there. This is why the idea of black holes is causing many scientists to have conniptions.

From astrology I have deduced that the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is a symbolic representation of God: it represents our origin, our destination and the meaning of the time in between. I explain this in detail in my book, THE SCORPIO RING OF FIRE. Hawking’s above listed quote therefore brings this element of the Infinite, of the Absolute, of the Divine, out of a very distance place in the center of our galaxy (which is some 20,000+ light years away) to right next to us. In fact, if Hawking is right then a black hole is truly “nearer than the near” AND “farther away than the farthest thing” which is the way some spiritual texts describe the Absolute Divine Oneness. Black holes are interwoven into the very fabric of every spec of space and the objects it contains. The Divine is therefore truly everywhere (and NOWHERE at the same time if we consider the nature of the black hole which can’t be considered to exist in the way we define the term). A black hole is truly a door to God and the latest in quantum physics tells us that those doors are everywhere, always.


About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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