A Blue-Blooded Aquarian month begins Tomorrow!

The new moon that happens tomorrow morning (January 20th) EST begins a super-charged Aquarian month. This is because the next new moon (Feb. 18th) will also happen in Aquarius. Normally each new moon begins in the next successive sign but very rarely two new moons happen together in the same sign. So instead of Aquarian themes blending into Piscean themes in the month as they usually do, we start with Aquarius and end with Aquarius.

My experience as a professional astrologer leads me to anticipate these types of month a little differently. I consider them like running the full cycle on your dishwasher. Normally you run a quick cycle and that is sufficient to clean your dinner plates but once a year or so you go the full route and run it on full cycle. The full cycle not only cleans the dinner plates but cleans the whole machine, maybe even the room as well, who knows, these “full” cycles are super-powerful. So during this type of month I would expect Aquarian themes to run “full cycle.”

That’s not all that adds to the Aquarian super-power of this upcoming month. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, will connect with the nodes of the moon and will be in a close square to Pluto the whole month. Wow! Hold onto your hats, let’s add extra soap!

What are the Aquarian themes that I would expect to get emphasized?

Revolution/Politics/Rebellion.: Everything political gets charged with rebellion against those “in power” forces. The small guy gets championed over the mega-corporation. The son stands up against father. Conspiracy theories gain momentum. Time to share the wealth more equally. The true themes of democracy and human rights get a boost.

Wake Up!: The spiritual ideas that we are deluded, asleep, not aware of who we really are in terms of our soul or spirit get taught and experienced directly. Connection with past lives and with other worldly relatives. A sense that we are greater than these bodies leads to less emotions and greater courage.

Impatience.: We have to do it now! There is no time to lose! Change is already way late. We can’t waste time with negotiation or diplomacy.

Spontaneity.: Connected with impatience. Not a time of deep thinking or discussion. A willlingness to let go and engage action in whatever way “feels” right.

Grin & Bear It.: The truth that I have witnessed is that under Aquarian influence we lose a lot, things change and that means sometimes they die or disappear so we are forced to grin and bear a lot of loss.

The Internet and Technology.: Nothing needs to be added here. This is obvious.

Alternative Innovation in Science.: Alternative methods to everything. Break-throughs that trounce what we think we knew. The solidity of our science breaks down revealing cracks in our thinking.

The Experts compare notes. There is cross-communication between disciplines. The priests talk to the doctors. The women right’s group talk to the Native American group. The neurologists talk to the psychologists. The Dalai Lama talks to Rupert Murdock (alright maybe not that extreme, but you get the picture).

So here’s to an exciting month. I hope you are able to use it to give birth to those new ideas and new perspectives and that you don’t get too frenzied in destroying the old guard within your life.


About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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  1. I am open to responses, comments, of course. Testing one two .  . .


  2. I wouldn’t nec say that Internet and technology is obvious. Mercury is retrograde for most of the “Aquarius month” and Uranus is always a wild card. Break down? Break through?

    I’m also feeling into the relationship between the collective (because that’s Aquarius, yes?) vs Leo’s more individual focus. The full moon in Leo is bound to be interesting.

    One thing I find fascinating w this and the upcoming three new moons is how closely they are tied to the sun in terms of change if sign. The first Aquarius new moon happens within hrs of when the sun enters Aquarius. The second Aquarius new moon happens just hrs before the sun enters Pisces. The Pisces new moon happens hrs before the sun enters Aries which is obviously also the spring equinox. Eclipse that day too.

    I haven’t interpreted these nuances, but they have my attention.

    Say more about the nodes?

    Love and Revolution,
    A fellow troublemaker.


    • So any thing to say about these close degrees of sun and moon and change of signs?


      • I think that you are right in pointing out this series of very early/late degrees of new moons. I especially like the new moon happening in the last minute of arc of Aquarius on February 18th. And then, like you said, the new moon in Pisces on March 20th morning is in the last degree of the last sign!
        My gut tells me this symbolizes the close of a cycle: something is ending in a big way, with a door slamming shut just to emphasize that. A new moon on the last degree of the last sign hours before the equinox has to indicate the dissolution of something in preparation for something new. I wouldn’t be surprised if something very fundamental to our idea of “reality” (socially and personally) gets jumbled and dissolved into a Piscean chaos during that lunation cycle starting on the first day of spring.

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      • Piscean chaos ((looks innocent))? Just another day in the ocean…. ;). Def an end if an erra if my intuition says anything. Dissolution anx rebirth. .


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