Time is always against us.

“Time is always against us.

Please take a seat there.

The pill you just took is part of a trace program.

It’s designed to disrupt your input/output signal so we can trace your location.

Have you ever had a dream,

that you were so sure was real. . . ?

What if you were unable to wake from that dream?

How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

“This can’t be . . .”

“Can’t be what? . . . be real?”

conversation between Morpheus and Neo in the movie THE MATRIX

There is an entire field of psychology dedicated to dreams. Some of these doctors claim to be able to wake up within their dreams. They say that after a tremendous amount of practice they have learned to remember that they are only dreaming within the dream. After that point, they claim, their dreams become easy, wonderful, stress-free affairs. The dream still operates more or less the same as other dreams do but only now everything seems to flow much more nicely, harmoniously.

If what we now call reality, this here and now reality, is, hypothetically speaking, similar, in that it is only a dream that we will at one point wake up from, do we really want to know that? Wouldn’t that bring our plans, dreams, ideas about ourselves and our lives crashing down into a pile of trash? If we were confronted with this as a fact, as an absolute truth, would we not be horrified and even traumatized just as Neo is within the Matrix after taking the red pill?

What part of our minds would not want to know this truth if it were so? What part of our minds feels that ignorance of such a harsh truth IS BLISS? What part of our minds would cause nausea in our stomachs over the possibility that all of our efforts, all our worries, all of our dreams and aspirations are nothing but thoughts within a substance-less dream?

If we were confronted with a sudden vision that this is all a dream, if we suddenly were able to peer through the veil of Maya, would we respond in that way that Neo does in THE MATRIX?

“THIS CAN’T BE. . . !”

“BE WHAT ? BE . . . REAL?”


About Kilaya

Kilaya is a yogi who is also well-versed in the sciences. He studied physics and mathematics at college, biology and molecular biology on his own, fluid dynamics while working as a professional plumber and has always had a passion for in-depth psychology. Now he adds what he has learned from his spiritual master, Amma, and from his life as a professional astrologer to his writings in order to make discoveries that may inspire others.

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